Man charged with ‘spousal homicide’ after woman’s body found in fridge

The affair which took place during the weekend in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes) is one of the most sordid. A 32-year-old Dane is suspected of killing his girlfriend and trying to dispose of the body by locking it in a fridge, unbeknownst to two friends he had entrusted with the task of transporting the device , defective according to him, in a recycling center. The 30-year-old with a particularly worrying profile was indicted on Tuesday for “spouse homicide” while a judicial investigation was opened. The man was hospitalized at the end of the morning, also specifies the parquet floor of Grasse.

Loaded guns, cocaine and cannabis resin were found at his home where a puppy corpse was also discovered in a freezer. The indictment also relates to acts of “possession of category B weapons and ammunition”, “possession of narcotics” and “serious abuse or acts of cruelty to a domestic, tamed or captive animal resulting in death” .

A human body with that of a dog

It is in fact the two men put to contribution in spite of themselves in this very macabre combination which made it possible to reveal everything. Saturday, when they had taken the road to go to a landfill, they discovered the body, as well as that of another dog inside the refrigerator. Unfavorably known to the police, they preferred to contact their lawyer who immediately called the police.

In front of the investigators, they explained that they smelled a very strong odor emanating from the padlocked device. “Alerting their friend, the latter indicated that he had killed a dog and placed the body in the refrigerator. The two individuals then decided to break the padlock and then discovered the remains of a dog as well as a human body”, relates the Grasse public prosecutor’s office, which specifies: “the elements of the investigation confirming their version of the facts, their police custody was lifted” Sunday afternoon.

He offers “no explanation”

Time to arrest the main suspect, arrested by the Raid at his home very early in the morning. For the moment, this man of Danish nationality has given “no explanation as to the circumstances of the facts” and “his psychiatric examination concludes that he is fully criminally responsible”, according to the prosecution. The autopsy of the body, carried out on Monday, revealed a cranial wound caused by a gunshot.

Pre-trial detention was requested by the Grasse prosecutor’s office. He also specifies that the respondent had already found himself in police custody for the first time, on September 8 of this year, for “acts of ill-treatment of an animal”.

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