“Madame Meloni was courageous, Mr. Macron cowardly and powerless”, retorts Éric Ciotti

The three contenders for the presidency of the Republicans, in debate Monday evening on LCI, returned to the migration policy of the executive and the tumultuous reception of this boat, finally landed in Toulon ten days ago.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. While the three candidates for the presidency of the Republicans debated Monday evening on LCI, Éric Ciotti remained faithful to his political line: that of a firm right on sovereign issues. Asked about the managementocean viking by the executive, the deputy LR of the Alpes-Maritimes welcomed the migration policy of Giorgia Meloni. The new head of the Italian government, who had refused to welcome the 234 migrants from the boat, somehow pushed the French government to disembark the latter in Toulon (Var). “In this case, it’s Italy 1, France 0. Madame Meloni was courageous and efficient, Monsieur Macron was cowardly and powerless.“, stings Éric Ciotti. The opportunity, moreover, to confirm that in charge, he would have taken the same decision as the President of the Italian Council of Ministers.

When Monsieur Macron refused the Aquarius four years ago, no one died. It is firmness that is the pledge of humanity, it is not cowardice, mocks the chosen one from the South. Today, we will have other boats, there will be smugglers, it’s endless.» According to Éric Ciotti, who wants to fight against “a search for an Eldorado”,the best way to save lives is that no boat leaves the African coast“while making”less attractive” a “far too generous social model“.

“The French see a migratory invasion, so we react with authority to restore order and for the French to decide who they want to welcome or not”, hammers the former LR Congress finalist. Almost two weeks ago, the arrival of theocean viking in the European maritime space had inflamed the debates within the political class. And provoked a diplomatic crisis of rare intensity between France and Italy. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin had also affirmed that the transalpine country “did not behave like a responsible European state” and that he had a “unacceptable behavior”.

For his part, the boss of the senators LR Bruno Retailleau pleaded for him for a “arm wrestling” with the countries of origin. The elected representative of Vendée considers that theocean viking is here “mark of Emmanuel Macron’s migratory laxity“. And to add:It is not Emmanuel Macron who makes migration policy today in France, it is the mafias and smugglers.»

It is also a way of mocking the speech of its competitor from the South, Éric Ciotti: “Firmness is something that comes to nothing if beforehand, there is no return of sovereignty. In his line of sight? European case law and judges which, according to Bruno Retailleau, hinder the proper application of migration laws. On this case, Aurélien Pradié makes a proposal. Also wishingdeclare war on smugglers“, the deputy LR of the Lot wants “that we recognize the crime of smuggling as a crime under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.”


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