Louis of Cambridge turbulent in the face of Kate Middleton: This radical analysis of the behavior of the mother and her son

The platinum jubilee, celebrating the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II, has just ended this Sunday, June 5, 2022. A last day of celebration marked by the actions of Prince Louis, who once again stole the show at the entire royal family. After his grimaces during the Trooping The Color parade, the 4-year-old boy did it again, multiplying the nonsense and the hugs and melting the Internet users… Nevertheless Kate Middleton seemed somewhat – normally – exhausted in the face of the agitation of her youngest. The behavior of George and Charlotte’s brother was analyzed by the Super Nanny English.

According to Jo Frost, considered a parenting guru across the Channel, nothing alarming. “Unlike other children, the world expects members of the royal family to behave in a certain way, but in the endthey are children, royalty or not“, she said. Just because you’re a prince doesn’t mean you behave any differently than a 4-year-old boy. Putting his hand over his mother Kate Middleton’s mouth when she tried to reason with him, multiplying grimaces, the youngest of the Cambridges was simply showing his weariness with the length of such an event, which his great-cousin Mike Tindall did not fail to recall, himself a father.

“Little moments” conducive to repeating themselves…

Jo Frost, real Super Nanny English, made a point of specifying that these “small moments“are very likely to be repeated, because Louis is a”very sensitive child“. She also highlighted the good attitude of Kate Middleton during this not really easy time to manage. “I love the way the mom addresses Prince Louis in publicwho needs to listen and do what he is told“, she congratulated her. The Duchess of Cambridge was also able to count on the support of Mike Tindall, who made a remarkable intervention, then placed just behind the Cambridges during the event. “It’s hard for them. They are all young… it’s a long time. But as any parent knows, we do whatever needs to be done.“, said the husband of Zara Philips on this subject.

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