Lose weight: this neglected and often hated vegetable has all the qualities to help you lose weight

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is first necessary to adopt new food reflexes, by betting, for example, on foods that act as real slimming allies. Among these, there are… Salsify! We grant you, these vegetables are far from being among the sexiest, nor the most appetizing and yet, as reported Cosmopolitan, they have everything to please your line and help you get rid of your excess pounds. This root vegetable, with white flesh, is particularly distinguished by its high fiber content (a 100-gram portion contains no less than 4.5 grams). Enough to maintain the proper functioning of the microbiota, improve digestion, slow down the assimilation of carbohydrates and reduce the absorption of toxins.

Low in calories, (count 57.90 kcal per 100g), salsify is even one of the least caloric vegetables on the stalls. It is also an excellent appetite suppressant, which promotes the feeling of satiety and limits cravings. In addition to its slimming virtues, consuming salsify more regularly will also guarantee you better cell renewal, thanks to its significant contribution of vitamin B9.

Salsify: how to cook them?

To take advantage of all their benefits, however, it will be necessary to be careful to cook them without adding too much fat such as butter or cream. If it is possible to eat them plain, barely blanched in boiling salted water, salsify will be just as good in your gratins, in your soups, as in your salads. They go particularly well with sour flavors like lemon or vinegar. Regarding its flavor, it is similar to that of asparagus or artichoke. Some people find salsify to have a mild, sweet taste, while others evoke a nutty taste. As its season extends from October to March, now is the time to enjoy it!

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