LIVE – “Not to an excess”: Borne judges “shocking” the words of Mélenchon defending Quatennens

After her revelations live on Julien Bayou, Sandrine Rousseau responds to criticism

Guest of France 5 this Monday, Sandrine Rousseau revealed that she had received the ex-companion of Julien Bayou who accuses the latter of violence. The Green MP spoke live of “behaviours that are likely to break the moral health of women”.

A method that raises questions: “Should all of this be made public as Sandrine Rousseau did, I doubt it”, for example declared Fabien Roussel on BFMTV / RMC this Tuesday.

In a tweet, Sandrine Rousseau responds to criticism of this method:

“If you think the problem comes from this or that feminist voice rather than from the people who exercise violence and the system that accommodates it, you are part of the problem,” she writes.

“Not to an excess”: Borne judges “shocking” the words of Mélenchon defending Quatennens

Elisabeth Borne reacted to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s tweet reacting to Adrien Quatennens’ press release.

“It is obviously extremely shocking someone who trivializes intra-family violence. We are not to an excess”, judged the Prime Minister.

The former presidential candidate denounced “police malice” and “media voyeurism” against Adrien Quatennens on his Twitter account. The deputy from the North admitted in a press release to having slapped his wife, with whom he is in the process of divorce.

“I salute his dignity and his courage. I tell him my confidence and my affection”, added Jean-Luc Mélenchon, before clarifying his remarks in a following tweet.

“We are human beings, not machines”: Autain recognizes “the very difficult task” of LFI in the Quatennens case

After criticism of the management of the revelations of Adrien Quatenne who explained that he had “slapped” his wife, Clémentine Autain recognizes the difficulties of rebellious France.

“We are human beings, not machines,” said MP LFI during a press conference this morning.

The elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis then spoke of a very difficult task”, recognizing “an eminently complex problem”.

“Nobody dithered so that Adrien Quatennens did not step back”, assured Clémentine Autain again.

“A slap is never justified”: Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer recognizes “a wrongdoing”

Lawyer Jade Dousselin returns to the charges against her client, Adrien Quatennens.

“A slap is never justified, it is a reprehensible act”, she explains on BFMTV.

“It’s not what he is”: for his lawyer, Adrien Quatennens “regrets” the slap given to his wife

Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer returns to his client’s text in which the deputy admitted to having slapped his spouse.

“This gesture, he regrets it but it is not what it is”, assures Jade Dousselin on BFMTV.

Adrien Quatennens “wanted to set an example” by explaining himself, defends his lawyer

Jade Dousselin, Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer, analyzes the press release published by his client in which he admitted to having slapped his wife.

“He wanted to set an example, which he asks of others,” she says on BFMTV.

Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer “hopes” that the deputy will soon be heard by the courts

After the words of Adrien Quatennens, the Lille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for “violence on a spouse”. His lawyer Jade Dousselin reacts on BFMTV.

“He has not been heard. At this stage, the prosecutor has not launched a hearing and we hope so,” she explains.

“In the press release, there are not all the elements because we reserve elements for the prosecutor”, further advances his lawyer.

Adrien Quatennens: For Raquel Garrido, “it’s up to the voters to give the mandates and, if necessary, to take them back”

Should Adrien Quatennens step back from his duties as deputy for the North? “This question of who can sit in the National Assembly, periodically arises for voters”, answers Raquel Garrido, rebellious deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis.

“It is up to the voters to give the mandates and if necessary to take them back,” she adds.

“It is a political space that must be understood. A space of sovereignty that is not to be confused with other spaces, for example the judicial space [où] we define the judicial truth”, also declared the lawyer.

And to continue: “Voluntary violence is a crime. But to be able to say that these facts are a crime, there is a criminal procedure. I want the rule of law, the contradictory. I am not big fan of self-incrimination in general.”

Julien Bayou: Sandra Regol assures that there will be no “special treatment”

The ex-companion of Julien Bayou seized the internal commission of the party specialized in sexist and sexual violence. MP Sandrine Rousseau says she received the latter and evokes “behaviours which are likely to break the moral health of women”.

Asked about BFMTV, Sandra Regol, assures that there are no “double standards, two measures among environmentalists”. “There is no special treatment for anyone,” she insists.

“Julien Bayou, like any person implicated in this type of case, will be heard in a contradictory logic. Before that, the cell conducts an investigation, with other people who may have seen and may or may not testify of facts,” said the MP for Bas-Rhin.

However, Julien Bayou has not announced that he would step back from his duties as deputy for Paris or even national secretary of environmentalists.

“You will have noticed that Julien Bayou is not very present in the media. It is also a form of withdrawal. Perhaps at some point it will have to be more official and effective”, replied Sandra Reg.

Adrien Quatennens: for Sandra Regol, “logic would dictate that he withdraw from all of his functions”

Sandra Regol, ecologist deputy for Bas-Rhin spoke about the case of Adrien Quatennens on BFMTV.

“I think logic would dictate that he step back from all of his duties. This is what environmentalists often ask for the sake of investigations. It allows for more serene debates than if the person in question remains there”, she explained.

And to insist: “When a woman speaks, we hear her, we listen to her, we believe her”.

Cécile Quatennens, wife of the rebellious deputy filed a handrail against her for acts of domestic violence. An investigation was opened on Sunday by the Lille prosecutor’s office for “violence by spouse”.

Adrien Quatennens announced in a press release that he was “retiring” from his duties as coordinator of insubordinate France, but said nothing about his mandate as deputy for the North.

Violence against women: the boss of EELV Julien Bayou implicated by Sandrine Rousseau

The ex-companion of Julien Bayou seized the internal commission of the party specialized in sexist and sexual violence.

MP Sandrine Rousseau says she received the latter and evokes “behaviours which are likely to break the moral health of women”.

We explain everything to you in this article.

Domestic violence: does Adrien Quatennens still have a political future?

After his withdrawal from the functions of coordinator of insubordinate France, the deputy, whom some imagined to take over from Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is in turmoil.

The question of his temporary withdrawal from the group of insubordinate France arises, and could be announced during Mathilde Panot’s press conference this morning.

We summarize everything here.

“His words, not mine”: Autain distances himself from Mélenchon on the Quatennens affair

“These are his words, not mine”, declares the rebellious deputy Clémentine Autain in The Parisian this Tuesday after Jean-Luc Melenchon praised the “courage” and “dignity” of Adrien Quatennens this Sunday.

The deputy from the North had in fact announced in a communicated the same day to put himself “withdrawn” from his function of coordinator of insubordinate France while he was targeted by a handrail of his wife, Céline Quatennens for acts of domestic violence. An investigation has been opened against the deputy of the North by the prosecutor’s office of Lille this Monday for “violence by spouse”.

“Our political responsibility, with regard to our feminist commitments, invited us to dedicate our thoughts above all to Céline Quatennens and to all women who suffer violence”, explains Clémentine Autain, preferring to refer to the press release from France insoumise (LFI) , rather than according to Jean-Luc Melenchon.

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