LIVE – FCOSK-Angers: the SCO is not immune, the FCOSK insists ahead

The 06 brings in its top scorer

Top scorer of 06 in this Cup, this season, Kekambus (six achievements) replaces Schall.

High profile Bentaleb

From a distance, Bentaleb strikes, but his ball flies away.

Possession of the ball remains Angevin

Angers has possession (72% against 28% against Strasbourg Koenigshoffen).

It’s snowing in Strasbourg

For the moment, this does not interfere with this meeting.

Thioub collides with the opposing goalkeeper

Thioub takes his chance, but Schmittheissler lays down perfectly well on the ball.

Corner for Angers

The SCO is still not safe, at the level of the scoreboard.

Another opportunity for the 06!

Right side, in the area, Schall overflows, before centering back. Haddaoui loses his balance and he can’t hit as he would certainly have wanted!

Corner for Angers

The Angevins continue to manage.

Sima does not fit!

In the area, right side, Sima shot from the right, but his ball went over.

Haddaoui is reported in an offside position

The Strasbourgeois went alone to the goal…

Tine shows up again!

From a distance, Tine strikes with his right foot, but it still doesn’t fit!

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Strasbourg Koenigshoffen engaged.

It’s halftime!

After the first 45 minutes of play, Angers lead against Strasbourg Koenigshoffen (0-1), thanks to a goal from Slovenian defender Miha Blazic (16th).

The 06 ends this period well

The Strasbourg club even gets a new free kick, this time on the right side.

Mouakit close to equalization!

On this free kick taken from the left, Mouakit, completely alone in the area, tries a header, but it does not fit!

Free kick for 06

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen will try to bring danger again, from a set piece.

Another parade for the Alsatian porter

Right side, in the area, Bentaleb takes his chance, but Schmittheissler keeps the danger away!

Bentaleb finds the opposing goalkeeper

Bentaleb takes a free kick, but his ball is directly captured by Schmittheissler.

The 06 does not give up

Led by only a small goal, the Strasbourg club did not give up.

Camara misses his pass

Behind, Tine dithers before hitting from the left, but his ball misses!

…and shots on target

The 06 framed once, against three for Angers.

Angers also leads in terms of shooting…

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen struck three times, against eight for Angers.

Abdelli shows himself

From a distance, Abdelli hits from the right, but his ball misses.

Bernardoni solicited

After the corner, Cherief, from afar, takes his chance from the right, but Bernardoni lies down on the ball.

The 06 insists in front

Loumouamou shakes up the opposing defense and even gets a corner.

The reaction of 06?

On the left side, in the area, Loumouamou controls before hitting from the left, but the frame slips away.

Angers chain the corners

The SCO is dangerous every time. This time it is not played directly.

Angers confiscates the ball

The SCO has possession (80% against 20% for Strasbourg Koenigshoffen).

This time it’s the crossroads!

After a cross from the left, Sima, in the area, places his head, but his ball crashes on the bar!

New corner for Angers

Sima strikes, but is countered. Angers gets a new corner.

And three

Blazic scores his third goal in the colors of Angers.

Angers takes the lead!!!!

On this corner taken by Abdelli from right to left, Blazic, at the near post, emerges, free of any marking. He finds the fault, from the left!

Another corner for Angers

The Angers insist in front.

The post for Angers!

On this corner shot from the left to the right, Blazic, at the near post, deflects the ball from the left and finds the post!

The FCOSK in all the right moves

The locals have started this meeting perfectly well, and are on an equal footing with their opponent.

The opportunity for the FCOSK!

After a cross from the left, Haddaoui, in the area, tries a header, but his ball goes over!

The audience is on fire

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen players are constantly supported by the public.

First opportunity for Angers!

Right side, in the surface, Salama strikes from the right, but Schmittheissler intervenes!

Angers goes on

This corner is taken from the left. A Strasbourger puts the ball for a corner.

Already a corner for Angers

Thioub takes his chance, but he is countered. Angers gets the first corner of this meeting.

Petit Poucet already in the opposing camp

The 06, nickname of the Strasbourg Koenigshoffen club, tries to settle in the Angers camp.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Angers engaged.

Angers, a second Strasbourg club to be eliminated

Angers entered the competition, in this Coupe de France, during the previous round. The club released Strasbourg (0-0, 4 tab 5).

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen for a new feat?

Before arriving at this stage of the competition, Strasbourg Koenigshoffen has, over the last three rounds, taken out Gandrange (1-0), Louhans-Cuiseaux (2-1) before his exploit against Clermont (0-0, 4 table 3).

Angers has trouble traveling

Away, this season, Angers have won only one game. It was then in Ligue 1, on September 18, on the lawn of Nice (0-1). Since that date, away and in all competitions, the club has had one draw and five defeats.

Angers must react

In Ligue 1, Angers, bottom of the French championship standings, have lost their last eleven games. The club can take advantage of the Coupe de France to breathe.

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen, Tom Thumb

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen is a formation which evolves in Regional 1.

A great first

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen and Angers meet for the very first time.

The composition of Angers

Bernardoni – Rao Lisoa, Blazic, Ous. Camara, S. Doumbia – Thioub, Ba. Mendy, Bentaleb (c), Abdelli-Sima, Salama.

Replacements: Terminal (g), Bahoya, Hountondji, Hunou, Ould Khaled, Taibi, Valery.

The composition of Strasbourg Koenigshoffen

Schmittheissler – Traoré, Herceg, Mouakit, Touré, Loumouamou – Tine, Isufi, Cherief (c), Haddaoui – Schall.

Replacements: Asan (l), Alliel, Boujafaar, Dottor, Ibrahim Sidow, Kekambus, Mba Fossi, Robin, Zouitina.

Jérémie Pignard will be at the whistle

At the Meinau stadium in Strasbourg, the referee of the match will be Jérémie Pignard.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the Strasbourg Koenigshoffen – Angers match live and in full, counting for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Kick-off is scheduled for 8:45 p.m.

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