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Taking care of yourself is very important. This is why Lidl has come up with an accessory to relax from home.

Lidl has planned to innovate for the year 2023. And this time, the hard-discount brand offers a well-being accessory to relax in complete serenity.

Lidl products at bargain prices

To celebrate the transition to the new year, Lidl has put the small dishes in the big ones. While most stores increase their prices at the start of the year, the brand continues to guarantee the lowest prices.

Indeed, the distributor continues to flood the market with its bargains. Something to delight the French, who continue to do their shopping without depriving themselves.

Lidl offers food, appliances, clothing, beauty products and even furniture at unbeatable prices. And it’s far from over.

Indeed, recently, the hard discount brand decided to offer a bathroom shelf. And the latter will delight you since it is very small and above all, it has three compartments.

If you need storage furniture for your water feature and you don’t have a lot of space, then this shelving unit is for you. In addition, thanks to its spaces between each floor, the latter will not create humidity.

And with the upcoming arrival of Candlemas, the Lidl brand will market a device for making pancakes. In addition to its good plans, Lidl offers also to win a check for 1000 euros.

From 5 euros of race, you can win 1000… Not long ago, Lidl offered galettes des rois. But, as the brand never does things by halves, the brand has placed beans worth 1000 euros.

If you come across one of the 30 winning beans, you will therefore have the chance to win a voucher of 1000 euros to do your shopping. And this is not the only good news at the start of the year.

The German brand offers a perfect accessory to relax

In 2023, place for serenity and self-confidence. On social networks,Many TikTokeurs have shared their good resolutions. And among them, self-confidence and serenity.

And so it would seem that Lidl has answered their prayer. Indeed, on its Instagram account, the German brand offered an accessory to take care of yourself.

“A moment of #relaxation never hurts”, wrote the hard-discount brand. And to add: “Monday, discover #shiatsu massagers for the feet*, back or neck, and enjoy a moment of #wellness at home! So, leaving? », clarified the Instagram account.

The massaging device has no less than 18 massage heads and has a heating function with LED lights, to relax in all circumstances. This plantar reflexology tool will therefore be perfect for stimulating blood circulation, as Lidl clarified on his post. And it’s a good thing.

In addition, the height is adjustable for both feet. This allows the massage position to be adjusted. On social networks, many Internet users have thank the German brand for this initiative.

“That’s too much of life”, “it’s perfect for me”, wrote netizens. The post, liked more than 258 times in just a few hours, promises to be a great success.

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