LFI abandons the abolition of bullfighting in favor of the reintegration of unvaccinated caregivers – Liberation

The rebellious have decided to remove the abolition of bullfighting from the agenda of their parliamentary niche. They hope to have the bill passed instead, which aims to reintegrate caregivers who have not been vaccinated against Covid.

Standing at the podium, Aymeric Caron launches as if nothing had happened. “What I ask of you today is to right an injustice”, he begins, from the platform, facing the deputies, this Thursday afternoon, to introduce his anti-bullfighting plea. The former journalist was waiting for this day that he himself qualified “of history” for months. Only, the deputy of Paris knows it, his speech will lead to nothing today. At midday, the rebels decided to drop the bill so dear to Caron, to everyone’s surprise, because of the obstruction organized by certain elected officials from the National Rally, the Republicans and the majority. 566 amendments to this text actually remain to be examined before a potential vote in less than six hours. Impossible despite the reorganization of the parliamentary niche. At the microphone, Aymeric Caron makes a final attempt, just for form, by asking the deputies “to withdraw the amendments that obstruct the animal condition and our humanity”. Obviously without success.

Twenty minutes later, Caron formalizes the inevitable. “It costs me to recognize it, it saddens me and I want to apologize to those who have counted so much on us to obtain a historic victory, but I have to make up my mind, we will not be able to abolish bullfighting in France today», he blurts out. The former journalist wanted to cut short quickly. He announces the withdrawal of his text, just after the speeches of the Minister of Rurality Dominique Faure who explained that he understood both “those who see the death of the bull as unbearable” and those “whose heart beats to the rhythm of these bullfights” and MP LFI Anne Stambach-Terrenoir. Enough to leave many parliamentarians hungry. “I think you showed very little courage”, launches the Macronist president of the Lois Sacha Houlié commission in Caron. While the non-registered deputy, at the origin of many obstruction amendments Emmanuelle Ménard accuses the former TV host of “run away from the debate”.


Room of the four columns where the microphones and cameras await the first reaction of Aymeric Caron, many macronists display their bitterness. “We are both frustrated and outraged, we expected a lot from these debates to position ourselves and discuss in a serious way”says the deputy of Paris Renaissance Caroline Yadan. “Some have worked on the file seriously by going, for example, to meet professionals in the sector to listen to them and understand them”, abounds Renaissance MP Anne-Laurence Petel who would have voted for the bill. The macronists affirm it: a debate could still have taken place despite the hundreds of crazy or off-topic amendments by examining those said “deletion” always positioned at the beginning of the examination. The deputies would then have had to say whether or not they wanted to see Caron’s text deleted. A majority vote “for” would therefore have settled the debate. “But no, he preferred to refuse the debate from the start to make us bear the responsibility for his withdrawal from the start”grinds Caroline Yadan.

A few meters away, facing the cameras and surrounded by his rebellious comrades, Aymeric Caron does not hide his annoyance. As in the hemicycle a few moments earlier, the former journalist castigates the“obstruction” of which his text was the subject. “We found ourselves faced with a denial of democracy”, he assures. On the left, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe the hundreds of amendments tabled aimed at blocking the text. “Ashamed”, some say. “Lamentable” prefer others. And the Nupes to cite at will examples of “troll” amendments tabled by elected officials RN, LR or the majority. “I see a lot of cowardice in their way of fleeing the debate and doing everything to refuse the vote that would prove them wrong”continues Caron.

New cross-party bill

Despite the snub, the deputy for Paris says he is not giving up on his goal of seeing bullfighting banned. “What just happened today is not an end but it is only a beginning.. Bullfighting will soon be abolished in the country, we promise,” he promises. Before announcing the upcoming filing of a new bill, cross-partisan this time. “I call on all groups to work together to achieve the collective victory that the French are waiting for”he says. “I don’t see who could well respond to his cross-partisan call”believes however the elected Renaissance Anne-Laurence Petel invoking the tone “too radical and condescending” of the deputy. “If he had shown listening and dialogue, he could have convinced the undecided to join him, there, it was quite the opposite”slams the Modem Anne-Laure Babault.

The fact remains that behind this unexpected withdrawal hides “a small strategy necessary”, says the rebellious Alexis Corbière. Because, if the LFI group abandoned the bill on the abolition of bullfighting which could never have been voted on, it is because it considers itself able to obtain a second victory after the vote by a large majority. the constitutionalization of abortion: the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers. A text which represents the double advantage of being able to be examined in time and of being able to be voted on by the elected representatives of the Republicans and the National Rally. Any victory is good to take.

Updated at 8:30 p.m. with more context.


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