Legislative Charente: Mesnier is ahead of Pilato by 43 votes (the results commune by commune) (direct)

The teams of Charente Libre are mobilized to collect the results of the first round of the partial legislative of the 1st district of Charente.

Find on this map the results, municipality by municipality, as the counting progresses.

Overall results from Angoulême: Pilato: 3218. Mesnier: 2525. Benetreau: 672. Clergeau: 354. Cazenave: 305. Bondon: 161. Souchaud: 149. Nicolas: 132.

Overall results for Soyaux: Mesnier: 544. Pilato: 490. Benetreau: 220. Clergeau: 75. Cazenave: 35. Nicolas: 27. Bondon: 25. Souchaud: 25.

The RN is 3e with 14.6%, ahead of candidate LR 4.8%, Cazenave, 3.6%, Reconquest 2.1%, Ecology at center 2 and Lutte Ouvrière 1.8%.

Distribution of votes by candidate [Attention résultats partiels]

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