Léa Salamé “big boss” but…: this “crispy” anecdote revealed by Philippe Caverivière

Show host What an era!Since September 24, 2022, Léa Salamé has thwarted all the predictions of many television personalities who said that her show would not work. Former acolyte of Laurent Ruquier in the talk show We are live, the Lebanese-French journalist takes control of France 2 every Saturday evening from 11:30 p.m. with Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Philippe Caverivière. The latter was also questioned by journalists from Provence concerning their collaboration on France Télévisions.

If he immediately recognizes that Léa Salamé is “a big boss” and that'”there is not much to say“on her, he nevertheless revealed an anecdote”crispy“concerning the 43-year-old host, mother of Gabriel (born in 2017, fruit of her love with Raphaël Glucksmann). Very stressed before the first broadcast of What an era!the former journalist of Amazing! had found a way to calm his anxiety: the bottle. To soothe her anxiety, the pretty brunette wanted to take a small glass of strong alcohol. “She had had a small glass of vodka before the premiere of What an era! But it is not Françoise Sagan that we find lying under the cushions“, he joked.

It must be said that the young woman was expected at the turn, many personalities having told her that she was surely going to pick up with this new issue. “Everyone has predicted that we would have a hard time with this program, that Léa and Christophe would tear each other apart and in the end, that’s not what happens at all!“, thus indicated Philippe Caverivière.

“Puff” by Dechavanne

As a reminder, Alexia Laroche Joubert had notably indicated for the podcast Do It Yourself Generation that Christophe Dechavanne had “a great character“and was”unbearable to produce“.”We slammed doors in the face like never before, I think he’s the guy I’ve argued with the most“, she had confided adding nevertheless that he was a very talented person. “When working with it, the program always goes up“, she pointed out.

For his part, Matthieu Delormeau had declared in TPMP People that Léa Salamé was going “to be puffed“by the host and that they were going to end up”to hate oneself“. For the moment, he is wrong!

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