Laurence Boccolini divorced from Mickaël Fakaïlo: their big age difference in question? She confides

While we thought she was spinning the big love with her husband Mickaël Fakailo in discretion, Laurence Boccolini surprised everyone at the end of 2021 by announcing that she was single. During an interview for TV 7 Daysthe host has indeed revealed to be divorced, and this “since many years“. She nevertheless remains on good terms with her ex, for whom she fell in love with in 2003 during the Mister France election where he happened to be Mister Tahiti.

Of course, he’s my daughter’s dad!“, she even confirmed during an interview for Jordan De Luxe for his show At Jordan’sthe meeting of Entertainment TV. Launched on the subject, the mother of Willow (8 years old) lifted the veil on one of the reasons which had caused their break-up. “So, that, you have to be very honest, when you have a big age difference, sometimes it passes, but you have to be honest, sometimes the paths separate. And it’s okay“, she admitted, she who is still 19 years older than Mickaël Fakaïlo.

On a daily basis, Laurence Boccolini has therefore long witnessed scenes that are disturbing and unpleasant to say the least. “In fact, there was in the imagination of these people, the fact that he wasn’t really with me or that he was with me for the wrong reasons. And so, he always had this answer when asked – because one day he was asked outright, there was a fairly well-known comedian who came to him and said : ‘We’re having a party right after, come on, I have girlfriends you like!’ I was in the car, so he stayed like that, he said: ‘Absolutely, but first you have to ask my wife’s permission!’ Here, so they stayed a bit like that, saying to each other : ‘Ahh so, it’s true!’“, she recalled.

Since their breakup, Laurence Boccolini has devoted herself entirely to their daughter Willow, but she does not close the door to the idea of ​​falling in love again one day, without however being ready to accept “anyone in his life“.

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