Laeticia Hallyday on the arm of a man with his buttocks in the air: it’s hot with Pierre!

Laeticia Hallyday will eternally suffer from the absence of Johnny Hallyday, one of the men in her life and the father of her daughters, Jade, 18, and Joy, 14. But time begins to erase the wounds. The beautiful blonde has also found love in the arms of Jalil Lespert, actor and director whose life she has shared for more than two years. But this Thursday, January 19, it is in the arms of another filmmaker that Laeticia appeared on Instagram, more naughty than ever.

Johnny’s widow was very charming company for a very special day. She brought out the files of her great friend, the director Pierre Rambaldi, for his 60th birthday. And as much to say that the photos that no one should have ever seen were out in Laeticia’s Instagram story (see our slideshow). We discover on one of them Laeticia and Pierre from the front, him barefoot, packet of pasta in hand, hat on his head and a kind of white apron tied on the body, in order to protect his outfit in case of accident. behind the stoves. These photos seem to have been taken during vacations spent together… in Saint-Barthélemy, where they used to meet perhaps?

But it is precisely by turning around that we see that Pierre Rambaldi actually has nothing to dirty underneath. Indeed, on a second shot unveiled by Laeticia, the director shows that he was naked, buttocks in the air, hidden by the writings that his faithful friend had registered. A delicious moment if we are to believe the bursts of laughter from the granddaughter of Elyette Boudou. She says it herself:Life is so much more beautiful and fun by your side. Happy birthday !

Pierre as a friend, Jalil for life

It is not because the proximity of Laeticia Hallyday with Pierre Rambaldi is beyond doubt that the image of a future couple is emerging. If the filmmaker is the happiest of men with Marie Poniatowski, Laeticia, she lives one of the most beautiful romantic comedies with her darling Jalil Lespert. Their story, which began in 2020, continues. Together, the lovebirds overcame distance and busy schedules to make their romance last. Jalil, Laeticia is keen on it. She is even visibly ready to land him the moon.

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