L1: Juninho’s little leon in French football

Former glory of Olympique Lyonnais, Juninho still follows Ligue 1 matches closely. The seven-time French champion believes that French football can potentially be one of the best in the world. Provided you have the means.

Juninho is due to the French mentality.

Juninho is the master of free kicks. In history, very few players, apart from Michel Platini or even Sinisa Mihajlovic, sit at his table in this area. But Juninho is also and above all a reflection on football.

In love with France, where he won the Ligue 1 seven times with Olympique Lyonnais, the Brazilian believes that the most popular sport in the world is poorly exploited by its leaders. In addition to the sometimes questionable level of play, especially on the continental scene, the main interested party deplores a losing mentality which slows down the progress of the teams.

Juninho laments the mentality of French football

It’s a bit like French culture. We leave beaten in advance. French culture is about getting as close to the truth as possible: ‘Ah, we play in Ligue 1, we can’t win the European Cup, we’re not good enough to win these matches’ . made me a little crazy. You cannot be beaten in advance. In life, yes, we must get as close as possible to the truth. In soccer, no. There is a day, a game to win, you have to work to win it judged the former glory of the Rhone club at the microphone of RMC.

For the South American, it is above all up to the coaches to give the way forward to achieve excellence. Ligue 1 coaches need to improve. We don’t see many ideas. I don’t see Ligue 1 coaches sweating, participating… Look at Guardiola. He’s the best trainer in the world. The guy has something to say every game, something to add, no matter the level of the player. The ideas come from someone who commands the team insisted the ex-Gone.

A feeling of waste for Juninho

To hear Juninho, the French teams have plenty of capacity to be among the best. Ligue 1 is better today. Players have evolved. I played in Ligue 1, I never made a back pass for my goalkeeper. Today, you have to take the ball out from behind. Football has changed. We see small teams trying to play. Not all matches are good. I watch other leagues where some games are very hard to watch. In the Premier League, there are a lot of tackles, intensity, little intelligence added the 47-year-old man.

And to return to the importance of supervisors. I give the example of Bruno Guimaraes. Rudi Garcia has killed the little one. In five months, with his intelligence, he became one of the best players on his team (Newcastle, editor’s note). There is value in Ligue 1, but there are also other things to do. Young players have a better mentality when they leave because they know they are no longer at home. Even if France trains a lot of young people, the level of requirement must be reviewed. Almost all players who come out of Ligue 1 succeed , finished Juninho. When is the revival?

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