Kuma is a punk linked to Punk Records!

Vegapunk has a wish to connect all people to one brain but has been unable to do so so far. But maybe he can do it and he has done it once, but he was not satisfied with the result… Maybe it is only by making heavy changes on the person, like he did with Kuma, that he can do it.

We think he wanted to link Kuma to Punk Records but “failed” because Kuma wasn’t himself after that. When Vegapunk realized this, he dismissed the experiment as a tragic failure. Nevertheless, Kuma was connected to Punk Records and therefore shared information with Vegapunk and followed orders.

The evidence

  • This plays into both Vegapunk’s and Dragon’s plans, because back in the day when Kuma was a slave in the Holy Land, he could pass a ton of valuable information to Vegapunk.
  • When Shaka told the other satellites that they had to prepare to fight, Kuma started running.
  • Thanks to Kuma, Vegapunk was able to get information about all the Shichibukai’s fighting style and build the Seraphim (Kuma met and saw them all in the war).
  • In the old photo of Vegapunk and Kuma – when we were told about the changes Vegapunk made to Kuma – Vegapunk is seen standing over Kuma’s head, as if about to die. ‘to catch. Maybe because he was about to perform brain modifications on Kuma that connected him to Punk Records.

The question is whether Dragon knows or not – in our view, no one knows.

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