Kate Middleton: New pregnancy in sight? This 4th baby who makes you cringe…

But who could cringe within the Firm. Indeed, this would mean that Kate Middleton, new Princess of Wales and who has recovered many roles since the death of the Queen, could no longer make as many official outings for the royal family. And mainly during the first months of pregnancy: as she had already indicated, she indeed suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, a disease that causes violent vomiting.

A two-speed commitment?

And other critics could speak out against a fourth pregnancy, according to Chris Ship, the British royalty expert on the ITV channel. Indeed, according to him, it is the Greens who would be very angry. “William is increasingly campaigning on environmental issueshe recalled. But many people point out that, for the sake of the planet, you shouldn’t have four children. I’m sure William would risk exposing himself to criticism from this kind of green lobby if they were to have a fourth.

An argument that can be heard, especially when you know how much this cause matters to the couple. But, as the expert points out, nothing is impossible and especially because of their age. “It’s quite possible, you know, that Kate could have a fourth. Even if, let’s remember, William and Kate are in their forties“, he concluded. So, baby in 2023? We hope so with all our hearts!

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