Kate Middleton in an overpriced coat: the Princess of Wales did not choose it at random…

When Kate Middleton chooses a look for her official outings, the details are always important…and the coat worn on Thursday was no exception! While she and her husband Prince William came to thank the staff of the Windsor estate for their help during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the young woman had selected a Dolce&Gabana coat (at 2150 dollars)recycled after another special occasion.

The keenest observers have in fact recognized a coat already worn in April 2021, just after the funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of Elizabeth II, who died at 99. Already in mourning at that time, the couple had to wear black to go to a base of the RAF, the British military aviation (see the slideshow). A good opportunity for her to take this magnificent piece out of her dressing room, which she has brought out this time, still just as classy, ​​in a magnificent silent tribute to the royal couple who died in a short time.

An exercise that she now practices almost every outing ! Regularly wearing the jewels of her mother-in-law Lady Diana or Elizabeth II, in particular the magnificent pearl necklaces that she inherited from the sovereign, she likes to take care of the details. And her daughter, little Charlotte, seems to be following in her footsteps! The 7-year-old girl wore a brooch at her great-grandmother’s funeral, offered by her, a detail that moved many Britons.

Kate Middleton also broached the subject of her children this Thursday, saying that during the funeral both had hadthe eyes that were shining. It must be said that the day was very special for the two toddlers: at only 9 and 7 years old, both were at the heart of the ceremonies, especially in London in front of cameras around the world and dozens of heads of state, sharing the day with all the royal family together.

Also present for the second mass of the day, in Windsor, they had surprised by their seriousness in the chapel of Saint-George, from where they had left with their parents in the car, at the end of a very long day. The other children present, in particular Mia Tindall and Savannah and Isla Phillips had left the church on foot with their parents.

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