Kamikaze ship: how will NASA try to deflect an asteroid heading towards Earth?

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On the night of Monday September 26 to Tuesday September 27, NASA’s suicide bomber is expected to crash into Dimorphos, whose orbit revolves around the asteroid Didymos.

It is a lunar operation that NASA will perform on the night of September 26 to 27. The space group will attempt, with the help of a ship destined for destruction, to crash into an asteroid in order to dedicate its trajectory.

A mission whose objective is to establish a “defence strategy” according to the terms of South Westin case a celestial object is heading towards Earth.

A dress rehearsal

Launched a year ago by NASA, the kamikaze ship of the DART mission should hit Dimorphos, “a rocky block 160 meters in diameter”. The objective is not the destruction but the deviation of the asteroid. In a report broadcast by HERE Radio-Canada TV, the chances of success are estimated at 99%. According ESA Francethis is the first historic test of planetary defense.

The event will be observable online at this address. The results of this full-scale test will be scrutinized by the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes.

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