Julia Vignali upset: she bursts into tears in Télématin and announces sad news

Like every morning, from Monday to Thursday, Julia Vignali co-presents Telematin on France 2, with Thomas Sotto. And this Tuesday, November 22, 2022, she had a hard time containing her emotions at the end of the show, as viewers were able to discover.

It was in August 2021 that Kad Merad’s companion took her first steps on the set of Telematin. A program that she presents, to her delight, with Thomas Sotto. She might not have dreamed of a better partner. “With him, I’m not afraid of anything. I learn a lot by his side. For my part, I do not think I have much to teach him. Perhaps my innate relaxation?“, confided Julia Vignali in April 2022, to Entertainment TV. The beautiful 47-year-old brunette is indeed so relaxed that she presents the show … in slippers. “There is a lot of complicity between us. He can’t believe that I animate Telematin in slippers. He calls me ‘lady slippers’. I keep my pumps under the table, and put them back on when I have to get up or go to the sofa to interview the artists“, she revealed. A detail that would have gone unnoticed if she had not spoken about it.

If she is so comfortable, it is mainly because the team of Telematin forms a beautiful and large family. So if a person leaves, his heart bleeds. Viewers were able to see it at the end of the show on Tuesday. Before returning to the antenna, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto wanted to honor a special person in their eyes.

The duo invited a woman to enter the set, a certain Brigitte. After greeting the public facing the camera, she joined Julia Vignali and her sidekick on the red armchair. The public thus learned that it was their make-up artist and that it was “his last Telematin because she will not retire but take a step back“, launched Luigi’s mother (fruit of her past union with Julien). And seeing Brigitte with tears in her eyes, she also had trouble containing her emotion. Like Thomas Sotto, she then told him quickly kissed.”Without Brigitte and her colleagues, we no longer look like anything in the morning“, concluded the 49-year-old presenter.

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