Jeremy Renner broke ‘over 30 bones’ in snow clearing accident

The 52-year-old American actor, famous for his role as a superhero in the Marvel universe, had been hospitalized after being seriously injured with his own snow groomer.

Hospitalized and “damaged” after a serious snow groomer accident in early January, Jeremy Renner returned home to Nevada (western United States). Known for his role as Hawkeye (Hawkeye, in English) in the Marvel superhero universe, he announced on Saturday that he had broken “more than 30 bones” but that they will be “ repaired” and “stronger”.

On Instagram, the actor posted a photo of himself in the middle of a rehab session in a medical bed, with this message: “morning workouts, resolutions, everything has changed in this particular new year”.

“They will repair themselves, become stronger”

On January 1, the actor had to be hospitalized after being seriously injured with his own snow groomer, while clearing snow in front of his home. The 50-year-old had been run over by the machine.

These 30+ broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just as the love and bonds with family and friends deepen,” added Jeremy Renner.

The actor once again thanked everyone who sent messages of support. “Love and blessings to you all,” he concluded.

Currently playing the second season of the “Mayor of Kingstown” series on Paramount+ in the United States, Jeremy Renner started out as an actor in independent cinema before taking off in Hollywood in multiple blockbusters.

He made himself known to the general public in 2010 by playing an American soldier in “Deminers”, a trying role for which he was nominated for the Oscar for best actor. He was also nominated for an Oscar for “The Town”, by Ben Affleck.

But by playing Clint Barton, alias Hawkeye (Hawkeye in English) in Marvel Studios’ Avengers blockbuster, one of the biggest global successes in cinema history, Jeremy Renner had taken his celebrity to a new level. stadium.

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