Its overpriced brooch and emo-inspired detail don’t go unnoticed!

Charlene de Monaco: Her overpriced brooch and emo-inspired detail don’t go unnoticed! – BestImage, © Dominique Jacovides / Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

She made her big comeback this Saturday, November 19, on the occasion of the Monegasque national holiday. Charlene of Monaco was eagerly awaited for this special day, having been unable to attend last year due to her health problems. The previous year, the party had to be canceled due to the health context. Two years already, therefore, that the princess has not been able to attend this event so awaited by the Monegasque people, which brings together the entire princely family each year. Charlene made a sumptuous appearance there in a sober and elegant look, in black and white.

On the balcony of the princely palace of Monaco, the twins Jacques and Gabriella, 7 years old, captured all eyes. Making the pride of their parents, Charlene and Albert of Monaco, who stood behind them, they greeted the onlookers present. In his rifleman’s uniform, the hereditary prince Jacques made a strong impression, and even performed a military salute. They were not the only children to have seduced the Monegasques since their cousins ​​also made the show, in particular the young Raphaël Elmaleh, son of Charlotte Casiraghi and the humorist, who was very dissipated.

A precious jewel at an exceptional price

But what also caught the eye on this national holiday are two details, and not the least, on Charlene’s look. The South African, who had opted for an outfit signed by her favorite brand Akris, sported a precious…

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