“It’s over”: Shirley and Dino, star couple of the 2000s, without filter on their very different new life!

Shows that have often sold out, an emblematic duo of the show The biggest cabaret in the world on France 2 and a popularity that has long remained at the top: with their somewhat naive characters of Shirley and Dino, Corinne and Gilles Bénizio are part of the unforgettable duos of the 2000s. Having become ultra-famous at the beginning of the decade, the couple is yet returned to the shadows little by little since 2006.

And totally assume it: “We didn’t want to anymore. We didn’t want to be less good and bore people. We played them for thirty years so we had done the rounds. We put them in a retirement home to do something else”they confided in an interview with Provence few months ago. However, in their new projects, “Shirley and Dino’s soul is there“.

Opera and transmissions to their daughter

But what are these new projects? Well the couple, parent of two children, is not lacking! “Now we have time to do opera and we like it a lot“, they told the local newspaper. “We like to stage, it changes. For example, we staged Platée by Rameau, we had recreated Sleeping Beauty, a ballet that we put back in our own way with our favorite conductor, Hervé Niquet.

And those who repeat that “Shirley and Dino, it’s over, it’s in the past“didn’t really feel like they had made a 180° turn by embarking on opera.”We feel like we’re continuing in the same vein, refining what we were doing, improving it and making it more accessible. Making opera humor accessible is no small feat. There is a lot of humor in our shows, even if they are very classic operas“, they reveal, passionately.

So how do you find them on stage? In 2022, the two had produced a play, platy, by Jean-Philippe Rameau, and are constantly looking for new projects in theatre. While waiting for the next generation to arrive: if their son Raphaël is heading towards a career in engineering, their daughter Elisa has already taken to the stage for a play by her parents. And seems ready to succeed them!

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