"It’s done, we took the house" : Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard officially move to … – Télé-Loisirs

  1. “It’s done, we took the house”: Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard are officially moving to…Tele-Leisure
  2. “That’s it, it’s done!” : Amandine Pellissard, pregnant, announces yet another big news, the whole family impacted!Pure People
  3. “Let it look natural”: Alexandre Pellissard admits to having gone through the aesthetic medicine boxHere is
  4. PHOTO – Amandine Pellissard pregnant with her 9th child: she reveals her first ultrasoundGala
  5. Amandine Pellissard pregnant again: already images of her baby, her “little potato” who is “well attached”Pure People
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