Invectives, “threats” … Tense session at the Assembly on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers

Minority in the hemicycle, the presidential party dragged out the debates in the Assembly to prevent the vote on a bill by the LFI deputies. This led to numerous incidents during the session and points of order.

A form of parliamentary obstruction which aroused the anger of La France insoumise, the National Rally and many elected officials this Thursday evening in the National Assembly. Outvoted on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers, the subject of an LFI bill, the presidential party and its allies dragged out the debates to prevent the vote on this text.

As part of the parliamentary niche of rebellious deputies, the bill was to be adopted at midnight, the latest deadline. Otherwise, the text was simply abandoned. To avoid its adoption, Renaissance first tried to pass an amendment to delete the main article of the bill. But it was overwhelmingly rejected (96 for, 161 against).

“You’re going to shut it up”

In a minority, the deputies of the presidential camp therefore decided at the last minute to multiply the editorial sub-amendments on a government amendment. Clearly, to gain speaking time to prevent the text from being voted on.

One of the subamendments proposed, for example, to replace the words “n’exerquant” by the words “qui n’exerçent.”

Dozens of such amendments have been tabled. The Macronist deputies also asked for numerous adjournments, and the Minister of Health, François Braun, multiplied the river speeches.

A behavior that has angered many elected officials on social networks. Before it ends up overwhelming one of them, Guadeloupe MP Olivier Serva (LIOT), who shouted at one of his colleagues: “You’re going to shut it up!”

“You refuse democracy, you despise the people”

Despite the call to decorum from the Vice-President of the National Assembly Naïma Moutchou, several overseas elected officials supported Olivier Serva. The latter took the floor after a suspension of the session:

“You refuse democracy, you despise an LFI parliamentary niche, you despise the people,” he said. “You use petty subterfuges, like your ideals. […] You are in the minority, accept it!”

“You cannot sit morning, noon and evening on democracy”, abounded a few minutes earlier Sébastien Chenu (RN). “You can’t win with maneuvers.”

Earlier in the evening, several Renaissance deputies had remarks which provoked the ire of the hemicycle. Caroline Yadan for example denounced: “the irresponsibility of the non-vaccinated must not become ours.”

“You are in the process of making an antivax, conspiratorial law proposal”, launched Sylvain Maillard for his part.

“It’s not a circus here”

After numerous points of order and suspensions of the session, the rapporteur for the text, Caroline Fiat, denounced in a fiery speech the attitude of the government, which participated “in the game of obstruction.”

“We won’t let you go,” she concluded. His rebellious colleagues applauded widely and chanted “resistance”. The session president then intervened: “It’s not a circus here!”

A few seconds later, the speech of Olivier Véran, former Minister of Health and current government spokesperson, for ten minutes, did not fail to electrify the debates a little more. And to cause yet another suspension of the session.

“Threats” would have been made against deputies of the majority, even affirmed in the hemicycle Thomas Mesnier (Horizons).

When the session resumed at 11:50 p.m., the opposition deputies decided to leave the hemicycle in protest. Just before midnight, the session chair closed the session and the examination of the text was interrupted. But a good part of the elected officials remain determined to vote for the reinstatement of non-vaccinated caregivers. “We will not give up, we will make sure that this text comes back,” promised Caroline Fiat.

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