Internet users outraged by the behavior of Fauve Hautot

This Friday, September 23, Fauve Hautot’s behavior in “Dancing with the Stars” outraged internet users. TF1 screen capture

This Friday, September 23, the third bonus of “Dancing with the stars” was broadcast live on TF1. If the duos competed in beauty and presence on the floor of studio 217, a dancer particularly annoyed Internet users. Some are convinced that Fauve Hautot is “favoured” by the production, which begins to annoy them.

Season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars” has made a comeback on TF1. For this new edition, the first channel has planned things in a big way. New jury, new candidates and dancers, and even new rules. If Camille Combal is still at the helm of this show, Karine Ferri has, for her part, decided to fly away to other horizons. In any case, the first two bonuses allowed the French to meet the 12 candidates for this season 12 of “Dancing with the stars”. Unfortunately, two duos have already had to leave the adventure without really being able to prove themselves: David Douillet accompanied by Katrina Patchett, as well as Théo Fernandez, who danced with Elsa Bois’ little sister, Alizée.

Discover the portrait of Camille Combal:

This Friday, September 23, the ten celebrities still in the running have redoubled their efforts to impress the four judges. François Alu, Bilal Hassani, Marie-Agnès Gillot and Chris Marques, who was back this week, had set the bar very high and didn’t miss any mistakes. It must be said that the competition reached its climax, since it was the emblematic duels of “Dancing with the stars”. The production tried to do “as accurately as possible”, by comparing the notes of the candidates of the first and second premiums. As expected, the two duos who obtained the four buzzes clashed during this third bonus of “Dancing with the stars”.

‘Too much favoritism’

Billy Crawford and his partner Fauve Hautot had to dance against Stéphane Legar and Calisson. Their performances were incredible and as François Alu pointed out, it was impossible to decide between them. “It’s like deciding between two starred chefs,” he said, comments supported by Chris Marques. However, on the side of Internet users, the temperature was very different. Once adored by the public, Fauve Hautot has, little by little, drawn the wrath of haters. Twitter users began to change their minds about the professional dancer. For a large number of them, Fauve Hautot would be “favoured” by the production. Some even evoke a whim of the young woman to dance with Billy Crawford, whereas initially, her partner was to be Stéphane Legar. She would then have refused to be in a duet with him since he was not well known enough. Rumors that run about the star dancer of the show, but which have not been confirmed by the main interested party, or even by TF1. Nevertheless, from the point of view of Internet users, this season 12 of “DALS” seems to be the “season too many” for Fauve Hautot.

“It’s not worth having hatred against Fauve”

If Internet users cry foul thinking that Fauve Hautot is “favored” by the production of “Dancing with the stars”, other Twittos wanted to defend it. Moreover, some Twitter subscribers have underlined the fact that since Denitsa Ikonomova left the flagship program of TF1, it is now Fauve Hautot “who becomes the target of haters”. In addition, her talent as a choreographer was once again applauded by the dancer’s fans. For followers of the young woman, her grades are “amply deserved”.

The judges have decided, Fauve Hautot and Billy Crawford have been qualified for the next bonus. However, Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal were not so lucky and were eliminated from the competition.

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