INFO LA DEPECHE. 5G antenna burned: a net in Toulouse, seven people arrested by the gendarmes

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Seven people suspected of having set fire to 5G relay antennas and radars, in Haute-Garonne, are currently in police custody. The gendarmes of the research section of the gendarmerie of Toulouse and those of the research brigade of Muret suspect them of being in particular the cause of degradation in the Carbonne sector last April.

It’s a dragnet that will make a date. For two years, the fires of 5G relay antennas have multiplied in the department of Haute-Garonne, without the investigators being able to identify the perpetrators. But this time seven people suspected of having participated in these acts of vandalism were arrested on Tuesday, November 22. “They have been heard for three days for degradation and destruction in an organized gang and association of criminals”, specifies Samuel Vuelta-Simon, the prosecutor.

The investigations start on March 30, 2022. On that day, a 5G relay antenna, belonging to the telephone operator Orange, is set on fire in the town of Carbonne, south of Toulouse. The financial damage exceeded tens of thousands of euros and the network between Carbonne and Marquefave, a neighboring village, was severely disrupted.

Filmed by cameras…

Following this destruction “by pyrotechnic device”, the prosecution opened an investigation and entrusted the case to an investigating judge. The investigations carried out by the research section of the Toulouse gendarmerie, assisted by the research brigade of the Muret company, will quickly provide answers.

By exploiting video surveillance, the military will notice a suspicious vehicle. They will work until the identification of several people. Six women and a man “belonging to the multifaceted protest movement (antivax, antipass and yellow vests) would not be at their first attempt” assures the public prosecutor. Some suspects would also have set speed radars on fire in Ariège (09), again on March 30 and in Céreste Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, on April 7. Their actions would have resulted in financial damage of hundreds of thousands of euros.

“On each place inscriptions on the ground “The people” were discovered, as well as burnt tires”, adds the parquet floor of Toulouse.

Possible indictments

This Thursday afternoon, three individuals were released. But three women aged 36, 37 and 46 and a 38-year-old man are still in custody. The respondents come from different universes and departments. Some have skilled jobs, others are unemployed. “They are not a hypertrained commando. We are facing anti-systems,” warns a source familiar with the matter.

However, “these acts can cause cuts depriving tens of thousands of inhabitants of relief, in the event of a vital emergency. These facts can be punished by up to twenty years in prison and a fine of €150,000”, recalls Samuel Vuelta-Simon.

This Thursday, the auditions continue. “The investigating judge will decide on their judicial destination this Friday”.

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