Infant abandoned for 16 hours in crib

A 30-year-old woman was indicted and prosecuted for damage and neglect of a minor. She is suspected of having abandoned her 14-month-old child at her home.

The infant’s mother was arrested on Wednesday evening when she had just damaged a car in the parking lot of a residence in Montpellier. She had been subdued by the owners of the vehicle before being arrested by the police and placed in a drunk tank.

The infant is out of danger

It was after several hours at the police station that she informed the police of the presence of her child who remained at her home in the Hérault prefecture. They then intervened and discovered the infant dehydrated and in a state of hypoglycemia in his crib.

Transported to the hospital where he was still on Friday, the infant is out of danger. He will then be handed over to social services.

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