In Soyaux, the elected FO of Carrefour mobilized for their salaries

Declining locally a national mobilization, the employees on strike unroll the points of discontent. Of which the question of purchasing power is at the heart but also the improvement of working conditions.

Premium of 100 euros net

What the management proposes remains a little in our throat.

On the first point, during the third “review clause” which was held on Thursday September 22, in the Paris region, FO Carrefour claimed a “compensation of wages up to inflation, obtaining a value-sharing bonus as well as the opening of consultations on the improvement of working conditions”, explains the union in a press release. Opposite, the management made proposals, namely, “2.5% wage increase on November 1, a value-sharing bonus of 100 euros net paid in October as well as the assurance of opening a dialogue on working conditions”. Among others.

Insufficient for the union: “What the management proposes remains a bit in our throats”, slice Sylvain, elected FO mobilized this Saturday. Ironically that “You can’t fill a shopping cart with 100 euros. In view of real inflation close to 6%, our net salaries are not increasing much”.

The communication department defends itself in a press release sent this Saturday: “ In total, since August 2021, wages have increased by a total of 8.3%. This is by far the largest increase of any retail business, where the inflation rate is around 5.8% in France.” Also noting in passing “that the extension of the 12% purchase discount (including fuel) is extended until March 31, 2023 for employees of the group. »

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