In Luxembourg: Chez Alex, you drop off your dog in the morning and pick it up after work


In LuxembourgAt Alex’s, we drop off our dog in the morning and pick it up after work

ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE – Alexandra Atanackovic launched, in the spring of 2021, “House of dogs”, a pension and daycare center for dogs. The same principle as a crèche for children and everyone is there.

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Vincent Lescaut/The essential
Vincent Lescaut/The essential
Vincent Lescaut/The essential

Her own thing, at first, was the horse. First in the south of France where she is from, then for some time in England. Alexandra Atanackovic worked in a stable, had her own horse, before gradually moving away from this environment when she landed in Luxembourg, where close friends lived, in 2016. In the Grand Duchy, she finds a job as than employed in a boarding house for dogs. At the same time, she walks hers in Esch-sur-Alzette where she lives, and measures through discussions with the neighborhood that there is a lack of a specific childcare service in the sector.

One thing leading to another, she launched, in April 2021, House of dogs. “It’s a bit the same system as a nursery for children,” explains the 33-year-old young woman. The daycare service allows customers to drop off their dog in the morning, from 7 a.m., and pick it up after the day’s work, until 7 p.m. For a daily fee of 50 euros. “Reception is possible between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The dogs meet up with each other, play, eat, sleep…”, explains Alexandra. And then “three to four” walks in nearby Laval Park are planned for the day.

Twenty dogs on the waiting list

The structure is located in a house in the center of Esch-sur-Alzette, with a garden. “It’s ideal,” slips the young business manager, who can accommodate up to eight dogs in her daycare. “I don’t want to expand, I want to keep the family spirit, otherwise it would be difficult to maintain quality service”. In addition to daycare, House of Dogs also offers a more traditional boarding house. More seasonal too. The dogs are kept for several days, often during the holidays of their masters. “It’s a bit of a colony,” laughs Alexandra, who manages the whole thing on her own for the moment.

The activity is in full swing and on the daycare side, about twenty dogs are on the waiting list. The service is innovative, flexible, perfectly adapted. Among the customers, some took a dog during the confinements linked to the pandemic. Being able to keep him on during the day was life-saving when returning to the office. “Every evening, I publish photos of the dogs and activities on my site, the masters like it”.

Everyone finds themselves there, so even Alexandra’s dog: “He is 16 years old, I was a little afraid at first that he would not adapt to all this, but in fact it keeps him young. “.

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