In Brittany, the owner discovers that his house has been rented without his knowledge

A resident of Pordic (Côtes-d’Armor) owns a house, on the edge of Binic, which he has just renovated to sell it. In the meantime, he has stopped renting it out for a year.

Also, what is his surprise, Sunday August 21, 2022, when he discovers that his house is inhabited. I see a woman at the door. I ask her what she is doing there. She answers me : I’m home, I have a lease ! A caravan has been installed in the garden, the front door has been forced open, the locks of the house have been changed.

The false lease allowed to open the water and electricity meters

The occupants are a couple with several children. They present several documents – a lease, dated August 15, an entry inventory, a rent receipt – signed by a certain Eddy Peterson, domiciled in Loire-Atlantique… who does not exist. The same signatures appear for the lessor, surety and tenant.

These papers are false, the lease allowed these people to open the water and electricity meters​, notes the real owner, who filed a complaint for trespassing.

“We are all victims”

For their part, the occupants maintain that they have been abused. We do not occupy the premises illegally, says the man. We signed a lease, we could not have guessed that it was a false owner. He opened the door to the house for us and behaved like any owner. We paid him €1,280 between the rent and the deposit. In this case, the real owner is a victim and so are we.

The owner’s lawyer launched an urgent procedure from hour to hour (court decision within a week) with formal notice to leave the premises, before the truce of evictions. Two separate gendarmerie investigations are underway, one for home invasion, the other to determine the author of the false documents.

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