I went from a Model 3 to a Model Y, and I regret nothing (or almost)

Going from a Tesla Model 3 to a Model Y has many advantages, but not only. We will go back here in detail on the experience, from the sale of one of the first Tesla Model 3s to arrive in France to the differences in size with a brand new Tesla Model Y Propulsion.

The Tesla Model 3 arrived in France in the first quarter of 2019, and I took delivery of a Long Autonomy version during the first deliveries. Almost two years ago, I published a first report here after 70,000 kilometres. After 135,000 kilometers, we separated.

The arrival of the Tesla Model Y Propulsion has accelerated the process a little, since at the base we had an order for Tesla Model Y Performance. We will return below in detail to the various choices that were made, and which resulted in the delivery of a Tesla Model Y Propulsion at the very end of 2022. But also to the advantages and disadvantages of one by relation to the other.

Selling your Tesla Model 3, a challenge

The favorable period for selling a Tesla Model 3 at a good price is behind us for the moment, in particular because of the volume of used models available. Indeed, whether on ad sites between individuals or on the Tesla site, there is still a plethora of Tesla Model 3 available to date.

A thought to second-hand sellers 🤣 pic.twitter.com/djuKwPWi5S

— Bob Jouy (@bobjouy) December 23, 2022

In particular at the very end of the year, Tesla even allowed itself to sell off a few of them, to be sure of ensuring a sale, proving that it was not then easy to sell a Tesla Model 3. The age of The gold where foreign importers snapped up a French Tesla more expensive than the price of new is well over, and it does not seem that it will start to rise again anytime soon.

Our Tesla Model 3 being both old – compared to the others – and very mileage – 135,000 kilometers at the time of the sale – what assets did it have left to stand out? Fortunately, the configuration was quite rare (Grande Autonomie, blue, white interior), and the options (fully autonomous driving capability) could interest people looking for a Tesla at a good price, with all the necessary equipment.

The Tesla Model 3 in the Esterel massif // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

It therefore found a buyer during the month of December, when we still had our Tesla Model Y Performance order in progress. I wrote besides during the test of the Tesla Model Y Performance in essence that to try it was to adopt it. Why then switch to a Tesla Model Y Propulsion?

The Tesla Model Y Propulsion: the choice of reason

At the time of this writing, a Tesla Model Y Performance, with an equivalent configuration, is charged 22,000 euros more than a Tesla Model Y Propulsion. For this price difference, the Performance of course offers certain advantages: increased range (514 kilometers against 455 kilometers), all-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive, and a 0 to 100 km/h which has nothing to do (3 .7 seconds versus 6.9 seconds).

However, when making the purchase decision, it is important to reposition what is important for each person and what value it may have for you. In our case, long journeys are important, but the time lost in Tesla Model Y Propulsion compared to a Performance is less than 30 minutes on a 500 kilometer journeywhich is acceptable.

A Tesla Model Y Propulsion, freshly arrived // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

The advantages of the 2022 Tesla Model Y Propulsion compared to our 2019 Tesla Model 3 are numerous, since we find, among other things, better soundproofing thanks to double glazing, increased comfort, a heat pump, the AMD processor Ryzen for better fluidity on the screen, or even a gigantic (and electric) trunk which makes it a very practical vehicle and a heated steering wheel.

Finally, at the end of 2022, Tesla offered a major advantage for large riders: free Supercharging. In practice, it is thus nearly 2,500 kWh that have been offered to us, which still represents more than 1,500 euros of Supercharge. Others have even managed to recover a Tesla Model Y for less than 41,000 euros in the final days of 2022, making this vehicle a very reasonable choice. Today, it has also become the starting price of the Tesla Model Y for the start of 2023, after a massive price drop across the entire range.

A car that does not only have advantages

If the transition from a Tesla Model 3 to a Model Y brings its share of advantages, all is not perfect. Indeed, first of all, we are moving from a Long Autonomy version (78 kWh battery) to a Propulsion version with a significantly smaller battery (62 kWh).

That being said, after nearly four years and 135,000 kilometers on the clock, the battery of our Tesla Model 3 showed a residual capacity of less than 68 kWh (around 13% degradation). It is therefore only a theoretical difference of 9% that there is between the two batteries, instead of 21% if both were new.

Ionity on the right, Tesla Supercharger on the left // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

Besides the smaller battery, we will also lose power from Supercharge, since the new Tesla generally charge less quickly than the old ones. What’s more, the LFP battery that equips the Tesla Model Y Propulsion is more sensitive to cold temperatures, which requires the battery to be pre-conditioned more frequently before fast charging.

The consumption of the Tesla Model Y is significantly higher at high speed, but the fast charging network in France is now sufficiently developed for this to no longer be a problem. In 2019, crossing France could be a challenge in an electric car if the battery was too tight and consumption was not optimized, but that is ancient history.

At last, we leave a car with all-wheel drive (front engine and rear engine) for propulsion, but it has little impact on a daily basis. Indeed, a Tesla is, in the vast majority of the time, a propulsion, even if it has a front engine. Consumption is thus optimized, and the front motor only comes into play in certain circumstances (strong acceleration, loss of grip, or pre-conditioning of the battery). Daily driving sensations are therefore not upset by the disappearance of the front engine..

Which car for which profile?

The two most popular vehicles from Tesla have a lot in common, but they are still different in terms of road behavior. The Tesla Model 3 is a very engaging vehicle, with a very sporty driving position, where we end up really low. Lovers of hard driving will be delighted on mountain roads, where the feeling of control is total.

On the side of the Tesla Model Y, we are first of all much higher (18 centimeters more in height for the SUV), and we dominate the road in a less sporty position, although the seats are identical. This being, if you have passengers in the back, no doubt they will prefer to travel in a Tesla Model Ywhich offers useful volume and much more legroom.

On the left, the Tesla Model 3, and on the right, the Tesla Model Y // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

Moreover, the ground clearance of the Tesla Model 3 can be problematic in many cases: underground car parks, speed bumps, etc. In Tesla Model Y, this is not a problem, fortunately.

Why stay at Tesla

As we conclude, we can above all ask ourselves why stay with Tesla in 2023? Indeed, excellent electric cars exist from many other manufacturers, and the network of Superchargers is no longer essential, especially since it is now partially open to all vehicles. What’s more, Tesla’s inherent problems and CEO Elon Musk’s broken promises may put some off.

Recently, the manufacturer has also removed the ultrasonic sensors from its vehicles after abandoning the radar, which may contribute to turning to other more consistent and less volatile brands.

Tesla Model Y delivery // Source: Mael Pilven

Unfortunately for the competition, to date, in terms of driving sensations, one-pedal driving management, on-board software and occupant safety, Tesla is top of the class. All of this is part of the reason why a significant number of people driving a Tesla remain loyal to the brand when it comes time to change vehicles, despite its flaws.

More importantly, with the recent drop in Model 3 and Model Y prices around the world, Tesla is stifling competition. Currently sold for 41,990 and 39,990 euros respectively, the Model Y Propulsion and Model 3 Propulsion have excellent value for money.

However, some brands have chosen to offer such a good price / performance ratio, but with lower prices, such as the MG4, where Tesla remains reserved for large budgets. This will undoubtedly evolve in the future, with the probable arrival of a much less expensive model in a few years.

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