“I was in great pain”: Francesca Antoniotti unrecognizable? Benjamin Castaldi has fun with his physical discomfort

Soon I’ll write her a song

This Monday, November 21, the one who is engaged to a charming Corsican again took to her social networks, but this time, not to talk about this evening but to discuss this problem which bothers her at the level of her face. . “I had a lot of pain in my left eye since Friday with a huge red pocket below the eye and that’s it, the verdict is in, my chalazion came back this time in the lower eyelids“, she indicated in her story Instagram.

The last time he stayed 6 months on my life, almost a pregnancy… Soon I’ll write him a song“, she added with humor, before apologizing “in advance with viewers from 6 to 7 tonight“. And when the program was taken on the air, the host Benjamin Castaldi pretended not to recognize it when introducing it.

Miss… Uh, ah… It’s Francesca Antoniotti!“, he dropped before adding: “I spoof you every time, are you okay?“, to which the columnist replied”But that’s fine and you Michel Drucker?“. As the saying goes so well: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth“! That said, her “chalazion” was hardly visible, because either perfectly hidden by her makeup or was practically gone. Hoping for the columnist that the truth is close to the second hypothesis!

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