“I was afraid of being suffocated”: Brooke Shields raped, she gives herself up for the first time

The first part of the documentary is devoted to the intense sexualization that Brooke Shields was subjected to at a very young age, notably during a naked photo shoot at the age of 10, as well as after her appearance at 11 in the film Pretty Baby in which she played a child prostitute. The documentary shows a young Brooke Shields facing lustful questions from much older men on talk shows about her roles in movies like The blue lagoon Where An endless loveand the controversial series of Calvin Klein commercials in which she appeared.

After experiencing world stardom as a teenager, the young woman went to Princeton University. After graduating, she initially struggled to find roles again – leading to the grim encounter with her rapist. “My personal message is persistence, and don’t allow yourself to become a victim in the eyes of any society or industry.“, she told AFP. “I am proud of how I have continued to learn, grow, work and love what I do“, added the ex of Michael Jackson.

Brooke Shields’ documentary, which received a standing ovation at Sundance, also chronicles the media’s obsession with her virginity, her mother’s alcoholism and her first marriage to tennis star Andre Agassi. Several of his famous friends are interviewed there, including Lionel Richie, Laura Linney and Drew Barrymore. The actress, who is now 57, said it was “the right moment in (one’s) lifeto appear in a documentary.

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