“I think I never said it…”: Élodie Frégé makes revelations about her “terrible” addiction

It has already been twenty years since Élodie Frégé became a personality loved by the French public. Thanks to his victory in season 2 of the star Academy in 2003, at only 21 years old, she knew how to make her way in the music world as she had always dreamed of. And since its shy beginnings, the pretty redhead has evolved. However, she is still as taken by stage fright every time she has to perform on stage. But to relax, Elodie Frégé has found the parade: alcohol.

Indeed, for the podcast Counter-addictions de Rose, the companion of Grégory Nicolaïdis did not hide having her little habits. “I have a real addiction that lasts so far but who for the moment it’s not a problem, or else I hide my face, is that I can’t go on stage without drinking. So that, I think I never said in an interview“, she said. Rest assured, Elodie Frégé remains reasonable as she specifies: “It’s nothing, it’s two glasses, but it’s two glasses… So if I was hugely successful and had concerts every night, would I be an alcoholic? Really, it’s terrible!

I’m going to take my little stamp…

Her pick-me-ups before singing are not her only addiction. The 40-year-old former academic star is apparently also addicted to a certain drug. “As soon as I feel a little tired, I take cortisone“, she confessed. But there again, Élodie Frégé does not go overboard and knows her limits. “Sometimes I don’t even have a sore throat or anything, but I’ll take my little pill of (…) 20 milligrams, so that’s nothing“, she indicates.

For Rose, the creator of the podcast, however, this medicinal remedy is not to be taken lightly as she has been able to realize. “I used and abused it, it allows you to sing the same evening, even if you are voiceless. Unfortunately, we don’t feel the pain, so we force on the vocal cords. Me, I ended up with quite serious polyps, I was operated on several times. And I was voiceless all the time!“revealed Rose. Something to think about Élodie Frégé …

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