“I got my door kicked in!” Zazie forced to move, her neighbors couldn’t stand her anymore!

Interviewed this Friday, September 23 on the airwaves of RFM, in the program The Best of Alarm Clocks, Zazie told listeners about a particular inconvenience that affects singers in certain circumstances and for which she has paid the price. Indeed, when she came to promote her mini-album THE P, animator Albert Spano asked him if his latest single let it shine was the title of the move, to which she replied: Yes, then everything is true in what I say! I moved a year ago and moved again less than a month ago. I can’t take it anymore! I’m in Cardboard Land, I even hesitate to undo them all at once! No, but I made a mistake, I forgot that the musician’s problem in a city is the neighbours!

They don’t give a damn

You got kicked out of your house because you sang too much?“, reacted Caroline Ithurbide. “No, but I got my door kicked in!“, she revealed, thus causing some laughter around the table. “Why so much hatred, you live that when you are a student. There you say to yourself ‘No even when I have a status’, no not at all, they don’t give a damn! Even at 6 p.m., checking a tone with the right hand on the piano, so it’s not thunderous either” she added.

The 58-year-old singer, who recently changed her look, was also asked about her experience in The Voice. She will make her big comeback as a coach. “I hesitated to say yes again”, she revealed, making it clear that she had “smile immediately“when he was offered to return to the show as a coach.”Then you’re well paid!”, added Caroline Ithurbide. “You know I get paid really well even without The Voicethat’s what’s crazy, it’s crazy!“, replied the interpreter of I am a man with a lot of humor.

As a reminder, she is the mother of a daughter named Lola, born on August 16, 2002 from her union with the singer Fabien Cahen. She also had a story with guitarist Philippe Paradis, from which she separated in September 2015.

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