How to properly delete all your personal data before reselling your smartphone

If you ever want to sell your smartphone to someone, be sure to erase all traces of personal data before it gets into the wrong hands. A few simple manipulations are enough to protect this data before parting with your smartphone.

Whether it’s photos, administrative documents, browsing history or bank card numbers, you should take maximum precautions when resetting your smartphone. Because it is obviously unthinkable to resell it as is, simply by emptying its photo gallery or just deleting a few applications.

Before parting with your smartphone, you must start by backing up your multimedia data, whether photos, videos, documents, music, etc. This operation can be done quite simply via a computer, using iTunes when you have an iPhone or Android File Transfer for others. It is also possible to choose to copy everything to the cloud, via an online storage service such as iCloud, Google Drive or Photos.

Disable iMessage

Then comes the time to reset your phone, which will have the effect of deleting absolutely all the data present on the device and restarting it in factory mode, that is to say as on the first day.

As a security measure, you should first manually delete the various saved Wi-Fi connections regardless of the phone and remember to deactivate iMessage on your iPhone. Then, just go to Settings / System then Reset in Android or General / Reset iPhone in iOS. When it is specified, it is necessary to be careful to ask to erase absolutely all the data. From then on, you can give it away or resell it with the greatest peace of mind.

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