Here’s why you should drink a cup of tea a day

According to one study, women who had a higher intake of flavonoids were 36-39% less likely to have a large buildup of abdominal aortic calcifications.

Help yourself to a cup of tea, it’s good for your health. A study conducted by Edith Cowan University (Australia) ensures that a daily tea would be an excellent ally to stay healthy thanks to flavonoids. This research, relayed by Science Daily, was conducted among 881 women with a median age of 80 years. The findings of this study have been published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

Scientists found that those who incorporated flavonoids into their diet were less at risk of having a significant buildup of abdominal aortic calcifications (AAC). This calcification is a predictor of cardiovascular risk such as heart attack, stroke and dementia. Specifically, those with a higher flavonoid intake were 36-39% less likely to have CCA. Regarding tea consumption, those who drank two to six cups a day were 16 to 42% less likely to have CVA.

Berries, chocolate and oranges

Not a tea lover? Good news, it doesn’t matter. Indeed, the advantage of tea lies in the flavonoids it contains. And these natural substances are present in other foods such as apples, nuts, citrus fruits or berries. Flavonoids are known for their anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, antioxidant qualities. “In most populations, a small group of foods and beverages – particularly high in flavonoids – contribute the bulk of total dietary flavonoid intake. The main contributors are usually black or green tea, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, red wine, apples, raisins and dark chocolate,” said Ben Parmenter, researcher at the ECU Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Institute and leader of the study. Before completing: “Among women who do not drink black tea, a higher total intake of flavonoids other than tea also seems to protect against extensive calcification of the arteries”.

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