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ChatGPT makes millions of users happy! An ethical hacker manages to win 38,000 euros!

ChatGPT is creating an earthquake around the world. This chatbot made by the company OpenAI, has won the sum of 38,000 euros for a hacker! Millions of people are already using this AI. Its function is simple. She generates text to meet user needs. ChatGPT can therefore write for you, make summaries, emails… And it can also find inspiration for you, create fictitious texts.

GPT Chat Meets Success

ChatGPT is able to answer your questions and recognize its mistakes. It’s a revolution for many entrepreneurs who can quickly write text for their e-commerce site. It also helps developers to find the bugs. And it also inspires thousands of hackers.

Indeed, some people use this AI to hack Datas. For example, a young so-called ethical hacker (he hacks for a legitimate and legal purpose) decided to challenge AI.

His name is Roni. He therefore decided to give snippets of code from a hospital PHP library. He was waiting for the AI ​​to explain to him how this code worked. And it worked! ChatGPT revealed everything to the hacker. This is a code allowing to search for usernames in a database in SQL language.

ChatGPT makes hackers happy

Surprised by ChatGPT, another ethical hacker Youssef Samouda, managed to hack facebook accounts. Users had to click on a link. The latter is however well known by the company of Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, it is first in the Bug Bounty ranking.

Bug Bounty appeared in the 90s. It rewards anyone who is able to find security flaws in a computer program. Large companies use this bonus as is the case with Google, Apple or Facebook.

The sums remain quite enormous. In 2019, a 19-year-old hacker won almost one million dollars to have companies strengthen their security like Twitter. He found 1600 flaws, a great feat at his age. Moreover, he had said on this subject: “I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am to become the first hacker to reach this milestone. Also, I am happy that my work is recognized and valued. »

A bonus of 38,000 euros won

ChatGPT therefore helps some hackers. Indeed, thanks to his successful hacking, Youssef Samouda received a nice reward from Facebook. He won $42,000, nearly €38,000. Since his debut, he has made over $450,000. Finding the flaws of large groups can therefore pay off big!

This bonus of 38,000 euros is a dream! Chat GPT is a revolution shaking the world of AI. It helps to develop the project of millions of people. Students, creators, entrepreneurs and even hackers.

This chatbot is now free. But OpenAI is still working on a paid version. It should be released within the year. ChatGPT 4 should be able to do close to 3 trillion factors instead of 175 billion today.

In conclusion, this big OpenAI company is not likely to disappear from our radars. Quite the contrary! Chat GPT will undoubtedly inspire many computer scientists, eager to one day create a revolutionary artificial intelligence! AI change and transform the world already.

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