Heating in Luxembourg: How to reduce the energy bill without being cold?


Heating in LuxembourgHow to reduce the energy bill without being cold?

LUXEMBOURG – In the midst of the energy crisis, professionals in Luxembourg are giving good advice on how to save money.

Among the lines of discussion discussed during the tripartite, the idea of ​​freezing energy prices is gaining ground. While waiting for the outcome of the negotiations which promise to be intense, households find themselves faced with a dilemma with the first drops in temperature which are being felt at the end of the summer: how to save energy without being too cold?

Asked by The essential, several heating engineers give their good advice. Among the most effective solutions, the government rule of Limiting the temperature to 20°C in public buildings can also apply to the home. “One degree less means 7% savings,” sums up the company Marques Confort, in Mondercange.

The heating engineer also mentioned the possibility of lowering the temperature of the water heater thermostat by increasing it from 55 to 45°C. “It all depends on the size of the balloon, but 45°C is enough not to run out of hot water and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria”.

A boiler to maintain, insulation as a “miracle” solution

As for the usefulness of making heating cuts at certain off-peak times of the day, Michaël Wathelet, heating engineer at Lucas SARL, recommends it without reservation: “It’s the simplest when you have radiators. Hence the interest of programming a thermostat with time slots”. Be careful however, this technique has no interest when the residence has underfloor heating. The device does not heat up/cool down fast enough.

The professionals finally agree on one conclusion: it is impossible to make big savings without investing in infrastructure, the most obvious being to insulate the residence, the most basic to maintain your boiler. “One or two millimeters of soot can lead to overconsumption of 30%”, illustrates Michaël Wathelet.

Switching to a condensing boiler is even more profitable, certifies Marques Confort, which estimates the installation of this new equipment at around 10,000 euros. In Luxembourg, some households go so far as to acquire the most advanced technologies such as double-flow ventilation or the hybrid boiler (gas/electricity). Ideal for juggling energy prices, but the high cost (up to 50,000 euros) of this installation could put some people off.

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