Health | Cancer, diabetes, asthma… The inhabitants of the Fos area sick from their factories

Are we sicker here than elsewhere?” This seemingly simple question, posed one day to the American researcher Barbara Allen by a resident of the perimeter of the Etang de Berre, is the starting point of the Fos Epseal study. Its final conclusions, of which we were informed in preview, will be detailed this evening at the town hall of Fos-sur-Mer. The opportunity for the team of Barbara Allen (Johanna Lees, Yolaine Terrier, Alison Cohen , Marlène Lecour, Maxime Jeanjean, David Frankfurt) to look back on seven years of investigations based on the American method of “popular epidemiology”, which makes it possible to cross the testimony of populations, the first experts in their own health, and those of scientists (sociologists, toxicologists, m

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