GTA 6 leaks: the pirate at the origin of the leak identified? He would be 16…

Game news GTA 6 leaks: the pirate at the origin of the leak identified? He would be 16…

This weekend’s GTA 6 leak just keeps on making waves! While Take 2 tries as best it can to delete as many videos as possible on the web, we learn through a tweet that the author of the mischief has been identified and that he is very young!

Rockstar hacked by a 16-year-old hacker

It seems totally improbable and yet… While the news revolving around the Grand Theft Auto VI leak has been flooding the web since yesterday (and there is reason for this to be so new for a firm like Rockstar), we learn that the pirate behind this case would have been identified! According to the administrator of the Breached hacking forum, the person concerned is none other than one of the leaders of the Lapsus$ hacker team. Responding to the name of White, the 16-year-old boy reportedly sent proof of his guilt to the Telegram instant messaging app. In all likelihood, he would have been “doxxed” by former Lapsus$ members (doxxing is a practice of harassing the target online in order to obtain personal, sensitive information, etc.). Seeing that the leaks were going viral, the interested parties reportedly immediately deleted the “evidence of guilt”. But the author would not have stopped at this simple misdemeanor… According to various sources, White would have hacked Uber at the beginning of the week and even Microsoft and Samsung some time ago!

The GTA 6 hacker in the sights of justice?

What’s crazy about this incredible story is that the hacker was already arrested in December 2021 because of his close ties with the Lapsus$ group. Released following the investigation, his home was searched on April 1, but the searches would have yielded nothing. If he’s really behind this whole thing, he’s risking a lot. And for good reason, as we speak, the source code of GTA 6 would be in the wild and put on sale! To stop such an infernal wave, there is no doubt that it will take time and this risks seriously thwarting Rockstar’s entire schedule. But if the author is really the one quoted, it means that at 16 he took on some of the biggest institutions and got his way, numerically speaking. This shows that you have to be extremely careful and it is very likely that such a case will lead publishers/studios to meet to discuss security.

One thing is certain: we are only at the beginning of this incredible affair!

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