Graphics card sales: the RTX 4080 is in stock at €1,359

News good plan Graphics card sales: the RTX 4080 is in stock at €1,359

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If you ever have a nice sum available, and you dream of updating the graphics card of your PC with a high-end model, the JVTech team has what you need thanks to this GeForce RTX 4080 which is available in stock, and which is below the recommended price.

Sales: the MSI RTX 4080 16GB is available at €1359

That’s it, the new graphics cards from Nvidia are finally available on the market, and after years of shortages and skyrocketing prices, availability is now assured. It must be said that production has returned to normal levels, while the fall in cryptocurrency prices has caused demand to collapse. Better, the demand from players is also very low because of the hallucinating prices requested by Nvidia.

Moreover, faced with the low demand that these crazy prices imply, nvidia has even agreed to lower the recommended price a little. But whatever the case, the prices remain astronomical, with an RTX 4090 trading at €1,859, while the RTX 4080s are officially at €1,399 (remember that the RTX 3080 was theoretically displayed at €719). Today, the JVTech team unearthed an MSI GeForce RTX 4080 which is in stock at the price of 1359.90€.

Buy the MSI RTX 4080 Ventus at 1359.90€ on Rue du Commerce

Graphics card sales: the GeForce RTX 4080 in stock at €40 below the recommended price

Perfect for full-option 4K gaming, the RTX 3080 offers a very nice technical sheet. The AD103 chip features 45.9 billion transistors, 9728 CUDA cores, as well as 304 Tensore Cores for AI (used for DLSS) and 76 RT cores (for ray tracing). Thanks to TSMC’s 5nm engraving, however, the 4080 gains in frequency with a peak at 2505Mhz, knowing that the MSI Ventus model has a slight overclock at 2535Mhz, even if these 30Mhz will not offer a noticeable difference in game.

On the memory side, the 4080 offers 16 GB of GDDR6X at 2800 MHz on a 256-bit bus, which gives a bandwidth of 716.8 GB/s. In terms of consumption, Nvidia announces a maximum of 320 Watts, knowing that the average consumption is 250 watts, almost 100 watts less than the RTX 3080.

This MSI Ventus offers, like most custom cards, a classic heatsink with heat pipes, cooled by three axial fans. With this imposing radiator, the Ventus occupies no less than three PCIe slots in your case.

Please note, like all RTX 40 series, Nvidia requires assemblers to drop the traditional 8-pin connector for a 12-pin whose reliability does not seem as established. These tend to have overheating problems, so it will be necessary to take a look at it periodically.

Buy the MSI RTX 4080 Ventus at 1359.90€ on Rue du Commerce

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