Giroud’s surprise confidence on his international retirement

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Tomorrow evening, Olivier Giroud should “take advantage” of the absence of Karim Benzema to settle at the forefront of the attack of the France team. A golden opportunity to mark a little more the history of the Blues. Before taking his leave? Not sure since Giroud, questioned by the Parisian on a potential international retirement after the World Cup, refuses to make any announcement! For the moment, there is no question for the striker to consider stopping the Blues despite his 36 years.

“I don’t set myself any limits. I said it could be my last competition, but I don’t feel like announcing anything. I will play until my body says stop. »

Giroud also thinks about Henry’s record

It must be said that Giroud, by his own admission, is hungrier than ever to mark his history and win many victories. “My competitive spirit constantly pushes me to go for even more. I thirst for victories. Of trophies. At my age, being able to be so decisive and feeling good is a real joy”. With a huge milestone that could be reached during the World Cup, namely Thierry Henry’s goal record in Blue (49 goals against 51). Even if Giroud does not make an obsession of it.

“Beating Titi’s record would be a bonus, but the main objective is to go as far as possible with the team by bringing my stone to the building. Afterwards, if I can get closer to him…”

to summarize

Olivier Giroud, the striker of the France team, spoke frankly about his future with the Blues after the World Cup. Out of the question for the moment to mention any international retirement.

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