Gale in the West, Denise storm in Corsica… A rough start to the week in terms of weather

Gales follow one another in France in November. After that of November 16, the western facade of France should indeed experience a new episode of very strong winds from this Monday, November 21, 2022.

Gusts over 110 km / h in the West this Monday

“For Monday and Tuesday, the disturbed ocean current will bring a sensitive wind to Brittany, to the Channel coasts and to the Atlantic coasts”thus indicates Weather Agate .

The Weather Channel evokes “gusts at 110 km / h by the sea and 70 km / h inland”, especially on Monday evening. Météo France, for its part, plans to “very strong gusts” including until Tuesday morning. Note that on this Monday morning, Agate Météo has already recorded gusts of wind at 94 km / h in Ouessant (Finistère).

Heavy weather in the South West

The disturbance that carries these winds will also cause many showers on the entire West face.

The south of the Landes should be particularly affected. “We expect between Monday and Wednesday morning up to 100 to 130 mm”, explains Agate Weather. Significant snowfall could also be recorded in the Pyrenees.

A rainy-stormy episode expected in Corsica

At the same time, significant deterioration is expected in Corsica, linked to the arrival of storm Denise. “In the night from Monday to Tuesday, active rainy-stormy passage over Corsica, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, giving way to a very strong to violent Libeccio wind on Tuesday during the day”details Meteo France.

According The Weather Channelgusts exceeding 130 km/h could be recorded during this episode.

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