Fuels: why the price spike could have been even worse after the drop in rebates at the pump

Prices should have mechanically increased by 20 cents or more. Here’s why that’s not the case.

The prices of fuels soar after the drop in rebates at the pump. But this increase could have been even greater and should have been around 20 cents, or even more. Indeed, from Wednesday 16 November, the government’s rebate went from 30 euro cents to 10 cents, and that of TotalEnergies went from 20 to 10 cents.

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How to explain it?

Last week, a significant increase in fuel prices was thus observed. L’essence cost on average 13 cents more when the diesel showed an increase of about 10 cents. But this outbreak of price is actually not that strong.

How to explain it? It seems like most tankers did not pass on the drop in crude oil prices to the pumps. Thus, the effect of lower discounts is less visible for motorists.

Why haven’t fuel prices jumped 20 cents?

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— BFMTV (@BFMTV) November 22, 2022

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