Frozen food prices are heating up!

And yes, cold prices are heating up and not just a little.

+ 32% for frozen meats, + 12% on average for ready meals, +14% for vegetables.

It must be said that in the cold chain which allows us to freeze all our food, energy is the second cost item directly after personnel costs.

To this must be added the rise in prices for raw materials.

But that’s not all.

The problems are flying in squadrons, and there is a very significant increase in the price of packaging, not to mention the shortages of materials.

Picard, the best-known frozen food chain, will therefore increase its prices by around 10% to try to offset some of the significant increase in costs.

It is therefore the entire food chain that is now affected by inflation, and 2023 should see a waltz of labels that only the oldest generations of our country experienced when they were very young, I am talking about a time that the under 20s, but also the under 30s without forgetting the under 40s and finally even the under 50s have not experienced this.

A world of inflation, high interest rates, very low real estate prices, but also indexed wages, a world where people paid in francs, and where the internet did not exist, any more than smartphones and globalization.

Charles SANNAT

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