Frenchman Sébastien Raoult, detained in Morocco and accused by the FBI, is extradited to the United States

The Sébastien Raoult case continues. This Wednesday, the 21-year-old young man, arrested in Morocco on May 31, 2022, was extradited to the United States. In question: the FBI accuses him of cybercrime. “The extradition took place this Wednesday at Casablanca airport on board a flight to New York. The operation was carried out by FBI agents., told AFP a police source who requested anonymity. The plane took off around 3:50 p.m. from Casablanca International Airport bound for JFK Airport in New York, local news site Hespress reported. According to his lawyer, Sébastien Raoult risks up to 116 years in prison.

As a reminder, Sébastien Raoult is accused by the American courts of “conspiracy to commit electronic fraud and abuse”of “serious identity theft”and to be a member of “ShinyHunters”group of “cybercriminals” suspected by American justice of being behind corporate cyberattacks. Among the victims would be Github, owned by the American computer giant Microsoft, according to experts interviewed by AFP.

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The extradition decree was signed at the end of December by Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhanouch, according to the usual procedure. Upon receipt of the executive order, the United States had 30 days to release the defendant.

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The Rights Committee of man of the UN seized

Since June 2, Sébastien Raoult had been detained in Tiflet 2 prison, near Rabat. His lawyer, Me Philippe Ohayon, had seized the UN Committee against Torture at the end of December, fearing his imminent extradition to the United States. But this body refused to register his request, as AFP points out. He has therefore since seized the UN Human Rights Committee.

“While the Human Rights Committee is seized, it seems that the extradition has been rushed. This kind of maneuver between the United States and France must never happen again.”lamented the lawyer. “Here, the French and Americans agreed to bring about the extradition of a Frenchman for acts committed in France within the framework of an investigation carried out by a French investigating judge. This is unheard of in judicial history.”accused Me Ohayon, in remarks relayed by AFP.

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“Sovereign relations between Morocco and the United States”

The spokesperson for the Quai d’Orsay, Anne-Claire Legendre, spoke on the subject. Asked by AFP on Wednesday, she said that “ the timetable for the extradition of Sébastien Raoult is a matter of sovereign relations between Morocco and the United States”.

The extradition comes in the context of a persistent diplomatic crisis between Morocco and France, accused in recent days of having “orchestrated” an anti-Moroccan campaign in Brussels. As a reminder, on July 20, the Moroccan Court of Cassation, ruling in first and last resort, had issued a favorable opinion on the American request for the extradition of Sébastien Raoult.

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