French tolls would be outrageously expensive

Inflation obliges, the State recently announced a new increase in the price of French motorway tolls. On February 1, they will jump an average of 4.75% in the country. But are these price increases and their general level for all these years justified? Not at all, according to a report produced by the General Inspectorate of Finance and the inspection service of the Ministry of Ecology dating from 2021, freshly unearthed by journalists from the Chained Duck.

The report in question concludes that the activity of the two largest private operators of French motorways (APRR-Area and ASF-Escota) “benefits from a much higher than expected profitability which goes against the principle of reasonable remuneration”. Journalists from Le Canard Enchaîné estimate this profitability at around 12%, a figure well above the targets set jointly by the state and the motorway companies in 2006 of 7.67%. Still according to the journalists of Le Canard Enchaîné, the authors of the report recommend an in-depth review of motorway concessions as quickly as possible, a massive increase in state taxation of their profits or a downright reduction by more than half of French motorway toll rates!

The minister is not listening

Not only does this report openly criticize the management of the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire for his lack of involvement in the file, but it would have been simply ignored by the latter and his administration since its publication in 2021. When the yellow vests will learn that and they will also see the increase in the amount of refining margins on fuel (with the increase in tax revenue on its taxation that goes with it), there is a risk of sport.

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