Free Mobile launches a paid option for its €2 plan with 1 GB and unlimited calls

Free Mobile launches a paid option for its €2 plan with 1 GB and unlimited calls

Free Mobile now allows you to benefit from unlimited calls and 1 GB of additional data on its small plan. All at €4.99/month. The operator misses the disruption.

Free Mobile’s Achilles’ heel could well remain so. If it continues to lose subscribers to its €2 plan quarter after quarter due to lack of changes, the operator had promised it just a year ago, the enrichment of its offer is planned, it remained to know what way. On September 20, the answer takes the form of a simple paid option, called “Booster”. For €2.99 in addition to the price of the historic package, i.e. €4.99/month in total, subscribers will benefit from 1 GB instead of 50 MB and unlimited calls in mainland France. In Europe and the overseas departments, this offer also allows you to consume 1 GB and make unlimited calls. So-called “€0” Freebox subscribers wishing to opt for this “booster” will have to pay €2.99/month, a reduction of €2.

“This new option will appeal to consumers and in particular parents of teenagers who wish to benefit from a generous offer in calls with more internet, at a very attractive price”, assures for its part the operator.

The basic offer including 50 MB and 2 hours of calls at €2 therefore remains available. If Free has promised not to increase its prices for 5 years, it has found a roundabout way to increase its income per subscriber via a paid option, leaving the choice to its customers to enrich the offer or not. Red by SFR and B&You currently offer similar packages including 1 GB of data, unlimited calls at €4.99/month.

Free Mobile subscribers are not all in the same boat. The heaviest plan at €19.99/month saw its data envelope go from 100 GB to 150 GB in December 2020 when 5G was launched, then to 210 GB last January on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ‘operator. All for an unchanged price. Free Mobile’s upmarket strategy has never been a secret.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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