France team – Mbappé who spits on Infantino in Qatar, he dreams of it

Football is not necessarily at the heart of all concerns during this World Cup. A journalist hopes for a grand gesture from a star of the France team

If sport has taken over and the matches follow one another in front of splendid but not necessarily well-filled stadiums, other debates are taking place on the organization of this 2022 World Cup in this region of the world. The working conditions of workers in the Emirate, respect for human rights and the fight against homophobia have been at the heart of the concerns of several nations, particularly European ones, in recent days. The discontent was symbolized by the group photo of the German team, whose players covered their mouths, in protest against FIFA’s ban on wearing a “Love” armband in support of the defense rights of homosexuals in all regions of the world.

The armband of discord

If Qatar was able to bend FIFA, which had, as in many other areas, promised things without ultimately keeping its word, the debate is still present on the international scene. In France, for the moment the Blues are complying with the instructions of the international federation and Hugo Lloris has indicated that he will also comply with local laws to respect the host country. For Mohamed Bouhafsi, it is time for FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino to respect freedom of expression or for the French to take it by force.

For the journalist from France Télévisions, who spoke in his column on RTL, it is time to stand up against the actions of FIFA, and to see a major player from the France team convey this message would be a strength. incredible in his eyes.

The Germans showed the way to the rest of the world. This same Gianni Infantino, who expressed his rejection of the rainbow LGBT inclusive armband that this selection wanted to wear, even going so far as to demand that the Belgian team remove the word love from the collar of his jersey. This same Gianni Infantino who said that the captains of the selections could wear armbands against discrimination last week, before backpedaling. This same Gianni Infantino who made it known via his subordinates that there would be sporting sanctions and at least a yellow card if a player wore this armband or made a gesture of protest, after the knee to the ground of the English against Iran . This same Gianni Infantino should understand that homophobia is not an opinion but a crime. This same Gianni Infantino should be at the stadium on Saturday to attend France-Denmark. We dream of seeing this same Gianni Infantino demoralized by the symbolic gesture of Lloris or even Mbappé “, Delivered Mohamed Bouhafsi, for whom there is a fight much more important than a football match currently in Qatar. But for the moment, the Blues have not planned any brilliant actions during this World Cup, like their first match well controlled and without controversy against Australia.

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