France team – Deschamps fired to put Zidane, the rant

Deschamps dropped after the World Cup to allow Zinedine Zidane to take control of the France team. Some already dream of it and that disgusts the journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi.

The future of Didier Deschamps at the head of the France team does not occupy thoughts at a time when the Blues are going to launch their world cup. But the shadow of Zinedine Zidane hangs over the Blues, while the technician who triumphed at Real Madrid has refused all offers in recent months to apply for the position of coach if ever the place should become available. For the moment, Noël Le Graët retains great confidence in Didier Deschamps despite the disappointment of Euro 2000. We both agree, we will see each other immediately after the World Cup. If we go to the semi-finals, it is he who has the choice. If he feels motivated to continue, we don’t even argue. If we are not in the last four, we discusse”, recently announced the president of the French Football Federation.

Didier Deschamps plays his future

For once therefore, the future of Didier Deschamps is not sealed before the start of the competition. Not enough to question his authority or his legitimacy, even if the prospect of seeing Zidane take the lead of the Blues makes a lot of people salivate. To the point of more easily accepting a defeat for France at the World Cup, or even of wanting a change at all costs with a tricolor counter-performance? This is absolutely not a reasoning that holds for Mohamed Bouhafsi, who is back in the football news at the moment and wanted to let it be known on RTL that we could adore Zidane and support the Blues of Deschamps.

The ominous birds go so far as to wish for a bad result from the Blues to see Zinédine Zidane arrive at the head of the selection. But why choose? We can love Zidane and hope to be world champion with Didier Deschamps. Only he can allow us to keep the cup at home. And don’t come and talk to me about “DD’s pussy”. The world in Qatar is controversial, the climate is deleterious around the French Football Federation and its president Noël le Graët. The France team must do without Pogba, Kanté, Kimpembe or even Benzema. Clearly, if we have a rock, a fulcrum, it’s Didier Deschamps. Let’s all be behind the coach of the Blues “Launches the now generalist journalist, who wants to feel the fervor behind the France team. And then come what may, because Didier Deschamps is well able to be better than ever now that he knows he is playing his place for years to come.

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